Case Portfolio:

Types of cases litigated by our firm.

Auto Repairs: Mechanic caused vehicle damage during repair and refused to compensate vehicle owner, honor warranty, repair and/or refund.

AC/Water Heater Rental: Complaints regarding companies that remove and replace AC/Water Heater with a rental.

Breach of Contract: Breach of contract caused by business, individual or corporation.

Business Dissolution: Assets and debt dispute between business owners.

Car Dealership: Car Dealership failed to disclose defects prior to vehicle purchase and refused to refund purchase price to buyer.

Collections: Business that require a paralegal to resolve unpaid accounts.

Collection Agency: Collection Agency sues for credit card debt and failed to obtain notice of assignment from original creditor.

Contractor: Homeowner fails to submit payments as requires and contract terminates

Credit Card:Bank claims that a default occurred and failed to provide statements and/or increased limit and/or interest without notice.

Credit Report Damaged: Credit Report damaged by an erroneous negative rating, Equifax and TransUnion failed to remove negative rating.

Home Renovation: Contractor performed faulty renovations causing damages, abandoned property and demanded payments for repair/completion.

Logistics: Shipping and receiving businesses that experience unpaid accounts.

Promissory Notes or Loans: Business or individual failed to make required payments in accordance of agreement.

Property Damage: Damaged caused by negligence.

Real Estate Dispute between buyer and seller: Deposit disputed when purchase and sale agreement fails, broker will not release funds unless mutual release is signed or by court order.

Real Estate: Dispute between Buyer, Seller, Agent or Broker –When purchase and sale agreement is breached.

Unpaid Invoice: Businesses who experience unpaid invoices for services rendered.

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