Kevin Hodge Professional Corporation was organized as an Associate Firm in August, 19 2014. The Firm is the successor of a Paralegal Practice originally formed in 2011. The Firm’s clientele is extremely diverse in both size and range of activities, with paralegals, associates and staff in departments at offices in Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto.


It is our continued aim to provide quality work in full confidentiality at the heart of everything we do, working for the success of our clients and the firm. Our unique approach to practice development attracts, develops, and retains exceptional and diverse professionals.


The Firm has a Management Committee which determines the Firm’s policies.The Management Committee elects the Firm’s officers. The Firm’s officers are responsible for carrying out Firm policies.


The firm recognizes that it can provide value to its clients by concentrating in the practice areas of small claims court and landlord and tenant matters.The firm accepts clients with issues in the aforementioned areas of practice. Call (800) 853-0745 for a no -fee Consultation.

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